Beautiful Book Sighting: Gypset Travel

Ever wonder how modern day bohemians live? Perhaps off rich parents. But I’d sure like to see what they’re seeing. Gypset Travel by Julia Chaplin is all about beautiful photographs of these so-called wandering jetsetters in some seriously awesome spaces around the world.

There are also first hand accounts from them which aren’t nearly as exciting as the visuals. But it would be nice to know who they are (musicians or groupies?).

Gypset Travel will either satisfy your wanderlust tendencies or severely aggravate them. At the very least, it will inspire you to put on a long, wavy skirt and buy a new rug.


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Beautiful Book Sighting: Edible Selby

Edible Selby features photographer Todd Selby’s culinary adventures around the world. There are photos of delicious food and the people who have dedicated their lives to feeding us deliciousness. Hand-drawn portraits and scribbling add that whimsical Selby touch.

This was on my Christmas list but was probably too heavy to fit in a stocking. Will probably use one of my gift cards to purchase after my vacation (11 days to go!).



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Beautiful Book Sighting: Take Away


Over the long weekend, I grabbed lunch with an old CAMH coworker across from the newly rebuilt CAMH site on Queen Street West. And I walked by Type Books, the little indie bookstore featured in this video. Inside, I found Take Away by Jean-Francois Mallet, a food photography book featuring street food from around the world.

The photos are gorgeous and delicious. My parents always talk about amazing street food in Hong Kong which makes me incredibly jealous and hungry. Toronto street food is mostly just hot dogs and a few poutine trucks outside of City Hall. Different food stands have opened up but business has been slow and vendors complain that city regulations suck.

Take Away is available at Type Books at Queen West and Strachan (support local bookstores!). You can also buy it on Amazon if you’re not in Toronto – in which case, please send us some better street food.