Cause Mama, I fell in love with a criminal


Public opinion of banks have seen better days. In fact, 55 per cent of Americans said they had little or no respect for the banking sector in 2011. It’s no wonder that the Occupy Movement gained so much momentum.

That is to say that J.R. Moehringer’s bank robbing anti-hero is incredibly relevant to the times. Sutton is an entertaining read. It’s fast paced and full of surprises. Recently published paperback, Sutton is a light read fit for your next summer vacation.

This is the fictional story of Willie Sutton, a real life bank robber during the depression era. Every time the stock market tumbles, Willie finds himself out of a work. Hungry and desperate, he finds solace in the art of robbing banks. The banks hate him but the people (55 per cent and counting) love him.

The thing about Sutton is that he’s pretty darn loveable. There’s a calm pace to the book even as everything around Sutton is falling apart. Willie makes for a slow and wise narrator who reminds us that history is constantly repeating itself.

Willie has an old-world charm even if he’s just full of his old tricks. Moehringer leads you to believe that he is a Robin Hood of sorts but a series of twists have you questioning if Willie’s managed to fool you too.

SUTTON_bank1 SUTTON_occupy SUTTON_wallst2


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