About Me

My name is Farah and I’m a young professional living in the Toronto area. I used to spend too many hours commuting and began ravaging through a lot of books on the commuter train. I wanted to blog about the books I read but I had always wanted a blog full of beautiful photos. So, I made a blog about books with all the beautiful images the words bring to mind. Enjoy!

Broken Penguins: My university bookstore used to have “Broken Penguin” sales. It was never advertised by that name but I found it written on the receipt. The sale was full of lightly damaged books published by Penguin. I thought it was such a sad and romantic name (are they heart-broken penguins?).

Photo credit: flickr.com

30 thoughts on “About Me

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  4. Hi Farah! I was caught by the name of your blog. I’m a penguin lover and a stuffed penguin collector. They each have their own personalities. They tell me “broken” ones are just looking for a loving home. (Really — I’m not crazy! 🙂 ) They send their thanks for your attention to them.

  5. Dear Farah,
    Thanks so much for your lovely review of my novel, Parlor Games. I love the photo of the Parlour Dog on the review page. Is this photo in the public domain or is it something you created? May I use it on my website?
    With appreciation,
    Maryka Biaggio

  6. You have a really interesting idea for your blog–I really like the title Broken Penguins and how you add your own pictures to each post! What are you going to do now that Penguin has combined with Random House? Randomly Broken Penguins? 🙂

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