The Real Grey’s Anatomy


I remember being glued to Grey’s Anatomy when the show started. There was so much drama and excitement not to mention tons of sex. I still the remember the episode where all the hospital employees caught gonorrhoea from each other.

But with so much of the show based on the sexcapades of Dr. McDreamy and his intern, we started to wonder who on Earth was taking care of their patients. And anyone who’s spent more than five minutes in any of Ontario’s public hospitals can think of a million sexier places to get down and dirty in.


Enter Vincent Lam’s Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures. Vincent Lam is both a novelist and a practicing doctor. This book is the fictitious account of a couple Canadian doctors and their experiences with the rigours of getting into med school, the struggles of dealing with patients and the pain of being a mere mortal.

This is the real life Grey’s Anatomy. There is romance but it’s not hot at the slightest. They do get attached to patients but not because they’re charming. And for all the efforts doctors put into saving lives, they can’t always save themselves.

Bloodletting and Other Miraculous Cures is a great look at the people behind the white jackets, the clinical jargon and the chicken-scratch prescriptions.

P.S. You may also be interested in TVO’s first original series, Hard Rock Medical. It’s about a medical school on the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario (hence “hard rock”). The synopsis promises a rampaging moose episode.


3 thoughts on “The Real Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I’ve always been really curious about this book but have hesitated to read because I’m afraid it will be too technical. But describing it as “the real life Grey’s Anatomy” has got me curious again.

    And I was just talking about Hard Rock Medical with someone the other day! It sounds really interesting. I will definitely be checking it out

    • I really like Hard Rock Medical. The characters are very believably Canadian. I always find with CBC shows they overdo the Canadian-ness but TVO did this one well.

      Bloodletting is really good and not full of jargon at all. There are a few words that I didn’t know but it didn’t affect my understanding of the story. Oh and there’s a heartbreaking story about how they picked the nurses to work the SARS wards 😦

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