Dying to finish Dead Simple by Peter James

I didn’t expect much of Dead Simple. I had never heard of it but it was part of the goody bag I received at the book blogger event that I attended recently. The author, Peter James, is also the director of the movie Merchant of Venice starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Ralph Fiennes. His Roy Grace series stars a detective by the same name who dabbles in the paranormal by regularly consulting psychics to help with unsolved murder cases.

Which may be a reason why his books are named Dead Simple, Look Good Dead, Not Dead Enough and Too-Dead-Easy-To-Make-Up-These-Unoriginal-Titles. But don’t let the cheesy titles fool you, Dead Simple was a page turner. It’s a fast read and I was dying to get to the end of it.

The story is about a bachelor party gone wrong where the groom ends up trapped in a coffin and buried alive. His prankster friends have all died in a car accident after burying him. If that doesn’t make you want to keep reading, nothing will! Add a beautiful fiancee and a business partner that mysteriously didn’t make it to the bachelor party and you have yourself a good story.

Roy Grace is a Brighton detective with a soft spot for a lot of things – psychics, children and women. If you’ve ever seen the British cop love interest from Bridesmaids, you’ve met Roy Grace. He’s just not very macho but he is very loveable. His British slang confused me in the beginning but you get used to it pretty quickly. The book also ends with a car chase which would have been great on screen but in my opinion, car chases suck in a book.

Especially when you’re dying to figure out if Grace will find the missing groom alive.


7 thoughts on “Dying to finish Dead Simple by Peter James

    • Hi Ermilia! I will def look into the rest of the series. They would make for great light summer reading too. Thanks for checking out my blog! Have you done a lot of book blogger events?

      • Our blog is fairly new, so most of our reviews are for books we bought, but starting this month, we’re participating in Adopt an Indie Month and qualified to write reviews for Novel Publicity blog tours. Both are free to the readers and you often get ARC copies of books. Adopt an Indie month is done until it opens back up for February, but you can sign up to be a Novel Publicity host blog (http://www.novelpublicity.com/tour/). Novel Publicity is so well organized; I knew exactly when to post my review and it’s publicized so it’s great for the blogger too. You should check it out. 🙂

  1. Ooh I believe that’s the first of his books! He talked about that when we met him at the Harper Collins’ office (don’t remember if you saw my recap post on that?) but he said to get the “feel” of it, he actually had someone screw a coffin shut with him in it! for 30 minutes! Crazy!!!!

    I have his newest book, but I wanted to start from the beginning… i’ll definitely have to pick it up!
    i hear your other book, Scorpio Races is also a really good read.

    • Hi Michele,
      Did he really spend 30 minutes in a coffin?! Those are definitely some of the most chilling parts of the book. SPOILER ALERT: I wonder if he also slept with a gold digger to get a “feel” for it 😉 Awesome book. And since it came with a preview of the next book, I’m going to have to read that too.

      Say, I’m also in Mississauga…

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