Kindles for all – unless you’re outside the U.S.

I recently discussed the possibility of a new Kindle – one with a touch screen. And all my dreams came true when Amazon announced a few days ago that they are launching a new Kindle Touch AND their first tablet, Kindle Fire. Far less exciting, they also announced a new tinier Kindle with no keyboard and no Touch (which makes taking notes feel like texting on a non-smartphone – remember those days?).

Kindle Touch

Kindle Touch

Tiny Kindle

This was all great news…

Until I realized that only the tiny Kindle without Touch would be available in Canada on the November release date. Everything else is only available in the U.S.


I’d like to think this means Americans will get to work out all the kinks with the new Kindles but I just really want one for Christmas. I might even pre-order, have it shipped to a cousin in Seattle and have her bring it over here for me. Of course, the other option is to suck it up and buy myself a Kobo Touch. But something about Kobos just seem unappealing. They’re too flimsy, too Fisher Price-y.

Kobo Touch

I’m even less interested in the Kindle Fire because it has a backlight and would make reading voraciously for hours really hard on my eyes. Plus, I have my heart set on an IPad if I were to buy a tablet. Are you interested in buying any of the new Kindles?

Kindle Fire

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