Kobo Vox Reader Perks

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Kobo announced yesterday that they were launching their new colour tablet called Kobo Vox to appease the angry Canadian masses who were hoping for a Kindle Fire (no Canadian release date in sight). A lot of information was available in the press release. Too bad most people would rather eat soap that read press releases.

But there are a few interesting tidbits that might appeal to voracious readers:

– Kobo Vox’s backlit screen is anti-glare and optimized for outdoor reading. Apparently, it’s what they use in airplane cockpits. I’m not too sure what that means.

–  The screen has an extra wide angle viewing so you can read with your kids (or a very lazy boyfriend who doesn’t want to turn his own pages).

– Along with the basic Twitter and Facebook apps, it also comes with Zinio with a BONUS 12 free mags for Kobo Vox readers (you don’t get to choose which ones though).

– PressReader app comes with 7 free papers of your choice for Vox readers.

– Kobo Vox is super social! You can comment and read comments and share all over the place. And you can earn Kobo badges. Now all your friends can know you’re more well-read than them!

Like the Kindle Fire, the Kobo Vox is also $200. Kobo also has books in different languages and recently made a deal with a major French publisher. If they ever had Chinese on there, I’d probably buy one for my mom.

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4 thoughts on “Kobo Vox Reader Perks

  1. What! That’s pretty awesome. Too bad I bought the regular Kobo (even before Touch just came out) not too long ago.. and I bought an iPad even more recently… damn new gadgets that I want!!

    • I had a loaner IPad for a while (from my cousin) and didn’t use it much. I found it a bit too clunky to lug around. I may get one when it’s leaner and cheaper. I tested a Motorola tablet once at Mesh conference and it was pretty nice too. You’re right, there’s just too many choices!

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