Word on the Street Purchases

There were few purchases this time around at Word on the Street. For one thing, this year, I had a Kindle! So Word on the Street was very much about book spotting. Although, there were a few books I couldn’t resist picking up.

One of the first booths I found was Thomas Allen Publisher’s. I found a copy of This Cake Is For the Party and yelled – “I WANT THAT ONE! I WANT THAT ONE!”. Just goes to show that I really was like a kid in the candy store. The cashier didn’t think I was crazy and did sell me the book. I’ve been itching for a good short story and I’ve heard good things about the author, Sarah Selecky.

The second book I picked up was Anita Rau Badami’s The Hero’s Walk for a whopping $4 at Vic College’s used book sale. I read Badami’s Tamarind Mem back in high school! But it was such a rich story that it left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to seeing how this one compares to Tamarind Mem considering that I’m reading it with a very different mind frame (or am I?).

Lastly, I renewed my subscriptions to LouLou, Toronto Life and Fashion magazine. Because I love receiving shiny things in the mail. Failing diamonds, I settle for LouLou, Toronto Life and Fashion magazine.

Oh, and I hugged Polkaroo. I said “POLKAROO!” and he said “POLKAROO!”. So, yeah, we were totally on the same page.


2 thoughts on “Word on the Street Purchases

  1. Great finds! The Vic College book sale was overwhelming… My bag was already heavy from Harper Collins sale so I wasn’t in the mood to sift thru all those books…
    I love getting magazines in the mail. Beats getting only bills!
    Nice to actually meet you too! 🙂

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