Did you watch Catching Fire?

catching_fire_katniss_peetaI recently watched the second Hunger Game movie Catching Fire with my boyfriend. Unlike most people, I actually really enjoyed the first Hunger Game movie. Yeah, it’s not as intense as Battle Royale and missed a lot of details from the book. But it was a lot of fun — plus Jennifer Lawrence makes for such a kickass Katniss Everdeen.

On the contrary, my boyfriend didn’t read any of the books and never watched the first movie. But I’ve been calling him Katniss ever since he took up archery. His concise review of the movie was “meh”. Other points of interest for him:


  • The movie was clearly made for 14-year-old girls (Oh Gale!)
  • The Morphlings were pretty awesome
  • The archery practice ring looked cool
  • How lame that the poisonous fog was washable
  • Massive monkey battle scene was crazy
  • Is Finnick supposed to be a homosexual?
  • Where do they get the triangular plane thing in the final scenes?

I really liked this movie and the second book was my favourite. But I couldn’t help but think that the President would have had Katniss killed sooner in the movie. Head Gamemaster Plutarch Heavensbee played by Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn’t seem very persuasive if you ask me.

It’s too bad that the third book is terrible, horrible, good-for-nothing…


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World War Z Trailer

I engaged in a very important conversation a while back on what’s scarier: zombie apocalypse or robopocalypse. The answer is obviously ZOMBIES.

I’m pretty stoked for World War Z because

a) Brad Pitt + zombies = AWESOME
b) Dectective Linden from HBO’s The Killing (a.k.a. Mireille Enos) gets to partake in zombie battles as well.

Check out the mountain of zombies in the trailer:

As always kids, the book promises to be way better than the movie so Read It 1st.

Life of Pi Movie Trailer

I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t love the book, Life of Pi. And with the movie coming out in December (hello, holiday blockbuster), I’m sure many more will read the book too.

I was originally deterred from reading the book because the synopsis quoted Obama as saying it was “an elegant proof of God”. I’m not religious and didn’t want to read anything preachy. But Life of Pi is far from preachy and there are no religious references. In the end, Life of Pi tells you a really far-fetched tale (about a boy stranded on a boat with a tiger) that you really, really want to believe. I suppose that makes it pretty similar to the Bible.

Check out this amazing trailer for the movie:

Gorgeous right? Director Ang Lee is famous for directing Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. There’s so much potential for a great movie here! Fingers-crossed it measures up to our expectations.