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A while back, I posted a review for It’s Your Money, Honey: A Girl’s Guide to Saving, Investing and Building Wealth at Every Age of Life Stage. I was happy to see that the authors, Laura McDonald and Susan Misner, were on the Marilyn Denis Show this week! They looked totally glam and dished out great financial advice for women — including ways to teach your kids about money. Check out the video.

I love the tip about buying one stock for kids in a company that they’d be interested in (i.e. Disney) so they can learn about the stock market. When I worked for the federal government, a few of my coworkers made it a tradition to buy Canadian Savings Bonds as very practical baby gifts!


It’s Your Money, Honey so learn how to use it

Update 3/7/2012: See the authors of It’s Your Money, Honey on The Marilyn Denis Show!

Thank you to Laura J. McDonald ( and Deborah Guichelaar (John Wiley & Sons Canada) for sending me a copy of this awesome finance book. It’s Your Money, Honey is available February 20, 2012.

I’ve been a long time fan of Golden Girl Finance – a website that explains finance to women in a way that makes finance relevant to women. So when I found out that the ladies from Golden Girl Finance, Laura McDonald and Susan Misner were writing a book, I had to get my paws on it.

It’s Your Money, Honey: A Girl’s Guide to Saving, Investing and Building Wealth at Every Age and Life Stage is meant to be a reference book that’s there for you throughout all your most important financial decisions. The book doesn’t claim to offer original advice – in fact, it states outright that most of its advice is common sense and stuff your mom probably told you. The difference is how it dishes advice. McDonald and Misner are working women who know what makes working women tick.

The Brown/Saide Residence in the Hamptons

Using witty analogies and quirky anecdotes, this is probably the first finance book that looks out for your heart as much as your wallet. It’s careful to point out the financial realities for women because so many leave the big financial decisions to their husbands or partners. And the sad truth is, women can be left financially stranded should their partners leave or die before them (which is statistically very possible). Add children to that equation and suddenly the consequences of not taking care of your money seems very scary.

But It’s Your Money, Honey doesn’t use scare tactics. It explains to women the possibilities for complications but it also explains how easy it can be to take care of your money. I highly recommend this to any girl or woman who plans on retiring in the Hamptons (or maybe just comfortably).

The Brown/Saide Residence in the Hamptons

The Brown/Saide Residence in the Hamptons

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Waiting On Wednesday: It’s Your Money Honey

UPDATE: Read my review of It’s Your Money, Honey (Feb 9, 2012)

This is part of Breaking the Spine‘s Waiting On Wednesdays weekly meme 🙂

A while back I signed up for a newsletter from Golden Girl Finance. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with Betty White. It’s a newsletter that talks to women about finance. Everything from stock market updates to how to stop spending. I love it. I’ve never been interested in the stock market until Golden Girl put it in a perspective that was relevant to me – instead of a middle-aged man.

If you’re a financial expert it may seem elementary to you but finance is an area I’ve been scared to learn about. Namely because I have this problem called number anxiety. I see big numbers and close my eyes. And sometimes, I take out my credit card. Golden Girl says this reaction is very bad for women and all too common.

Golden Girl is also publishing a book to be released in March 2012 called “It’s Your Money Honey“.  Here’s the description:

Turning smart girls golden; the women’s guide to personal finance

Rebranding finance with a feminine spin, It’s Your Money, Honey is designed to encourage women of all ages to take a greater interest—and play a greater role—in the financial issues that affect their everyday lives and financial futures. Conversational, irreverent, and intelligent, this guide to wealth creation, wealth management, and financial protection as it relates to women and their families provides exactly the kind of advice that smart women today need to know in order to take charge of their finances.

Organized by decade and the events—from childrearing to retirement—that need to be planned for, presently enjoyed, or recovered from, It’s Your Money, Honey is packed with expert information in the no-nonsense style of a girlfriend who knows her stuff. Finances aren’t that hard, you just have to deal with them yourself.

  • Finally, a book that understand that every woman needs to make time for a personal finance education
  • Highly accessible, the book is designed to be read whenever you find yourself with a spare second, providing important information in bite sized chunks
  • Helps women prepare for major life events with the help of real life stories, helpful checklists, and easy-to-apply Golden Rules

Born out of the notion that too many smart women let their financial situations be ignored, swept under the rug, or dictated by others, It’s Your Money, Honey is everything you need to know about money but were too busy to ask.

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