Last Minute Gift Ideas

I don’t know about you but I plan on running around like a mad woman today buying Christmas gifts and ingredients for Christmas baking. I plan on hitting up Walmart, Bulk Barn, The Body Shop, David’s Tea and Coles (aka mini-Chapters).

Are you still looking for that perfect last minute book gift? Here are my recommendations:

oogycoverOogy by Larry Levin
Perfect for: Pet lovers, Chicken Soup for the Soul fans and friends who work too much.

Oogy is such an amazing feel good story — the kind of book that shows that love heals all wounds. Oogy is a dog that gets half his face bitten off as a puppy but has enough resilience to wag his tail at the pound. Surely, you can drag yourself to work no matter how much you hate your boss.

EDIBLE_selbyEdible Selby by Todd Selby
Perfect for: Food snobs, the at home chef and the take-out aficionado.

I picked up Edible Selby at my Chapters-Indigo and couldn’t stop drooling. My bf called it the kind of cookbook he would put together — slightly dyslexic and mostly chaotic. But it does a great job at showing you what photographer Todd Selby is eating.

UNHOLY_NIGHTUnholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith
Perfect for: Zombie believers, Bible rejecters and fans of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Unholy Night would appeal to anyone that would appreciate an alternative spin on a classic Bible story. While not a great choice for your church secret Santa exchange, this would be fantastic for say, your quirky nephew or that nerdy coworker in IT.

The Scorpio RacesThe Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater
Perfect for: YA readers, horse riders and the feistiest young woman you know

I don’t love a lot of YA but The Scorpio Races is such a great ride. Based in a spooky island town of Thisby, man-eating horses emerge from the ocean covered in salt and only the bravest dare to ride them.Steifvater crafts a strong female lead in a fantastic fictional world.

PARLOR_GamesSide note: I wanted to include Parlor Games by Maryka Biaggio in my list of gift-able books but it’s not out till mid January. It would make the perfect late gift for anyone that enjoys Downton Abbey, historical fiction and a frolicking good time.

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Favourite Fictional Bunnies of All Time

Easter weekend is coming up! The other day, I hit up Purdy’s Chocolates to buy a single chocolate bunny. I told myself that I could have ONE chocolate bunny. So I bought a bag of chocolate eggs, a bunch of chocolate bunny pops and Topsy, the big chocolate bunny. Topsy was delicious. Thank you for asking.

My favourite fictional bunnies of all time:

Bugs Bunny

Often dismissed as a cartoon bunny for kids, comedy fans know that Bugs is an American icon. Smart, witty and annoying, Bugs did it all first.


Anyone read this? It was about an evil vampire bunny who sucks the colour out of vegetables – and the bandit of pets who aim to stop him. I think of Bunnicula every time I see a turnip.

Jessica Rabbit

Okay, so not really a bunny. But thanks to sexy “bunnies” like Jessica Rabbit and the Playboy Bunnies, there will always to be rabbit ears and cotton tails at EVERY college Halloween party. Sex symbol bunnies serve to remind us that under the cute little faces, bunnies are awfully frisky.

White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

There would have been no Wonderland if Alice hadn’t fallen down the rabbit hole. Just sayin’.

The Hare from Tortoise and the Hare

The Hare provides a lasting metaphor for any kind of competition where the underdog wins against the cocky, bastard frontrunner.

The Energizer Bunny

Yet another lasting metaphor – this time for things that keep going and going and going.

Thumper from Bambi

For being an endearing friend through the saddest movie ever. Seriously, who didn’t cry through Bambi?

Hester from His Dark Materials trilogy

Hester doesn’t play a big role in the story but he is a daemon. And daemons are possibly the coolest part of the His Dark Materials trilogy. It’s an animal, who happens to be your soul, who happens to follow you around or sit on your shoulder.

Who are your favourite bunnies?

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