The Day My Devotion to Homeland is Finally Rewarded

homeland_season3A lot of my friends stopped watching Homeland in the beginning of season three because it was getting a little ridiculous. Carrie was running loose all over the place and then she was stuck in a mental hospital. And there were all these boring scenes of Saul talking to suits. Brody’s dreaded teenage daughter Dana also came back. It seemed like a season doomed to fail.

But I kept watching and at some point — perhaps five episodes in, Homeland started getting good again. Saul reveals why he’s been so mean to Carrie. Brody comes back and Carrie finally had her raison d’etre again. And the finale, oh the finale.

I’ve been calling for Brody’s death for a long time. I even posted several Tweets proclaiming “BRODY MUST DIE”. Everyone knows that wishing for something on Twitter means it will come true.

Homeland Tweet

The fact is, Homeland started off as an awesome spy show. I was intrigued by the surveillance cameras, the undercover assets, the internal CIA politicking. But then Carrie fell for Brody and it became all about them sucking each other’s faces off.


I don’t care how great of an actor Damian Lewis is and the fact that he won an Emmy. He only won that Emmy because Homeland was an awesome show. And that’s why he had to go.

Let’s hope Homeland gets back into spy business in season four — and that the romance between Carrie and Quinn never takes over the plot. For a killer good analysis of the finale read Ding, Dong, the Snitch is Dead from In These Times.

Episode 312

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