Was Gone Girl, the movie, better than the book?

gone_girl1I saw the horrifying thriller that was Gone Girl in theatres this past weekend. Now, I’m a big advocate of Read It First — that is, reading the book before watching the movie. But I have to say, Gone Girl might have translated better on screen than on paper.

For one, I thought Ben Affleck was really great as Nick Dunne. I mean, most of the movie is literally just Nick freaking out. Whereas “freaking out” translate well in the book because you can show inner dialogue really well, it’s considerably harder for that to come through on screen without it coming off as crazy.

Because an inner freak out is very different from say, full blown crazy.

Secondly, the movie is petrifying. It’s a psychological thriller than has you from the beginning. I mean, I read the book and was still shocked. I knew the ending and it still haunted me.

On the downside, I didn’t love Rosamund Pike as Amazing Amy. A little too bland for my liking although a coworker found that it made the character creepier. Since we are on the topic of second opinions, my boyfriend said Amy reminded him of a girl he once knew and that he’s never seen breasticles like Emily Ratajkowski’s before. I don’t think I’ve watched a movie that was better than the book before — so it was a first for both of us.




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