YouTube thinks I want to meet Asian women for free

My cousin was just telling me that YouTube always makes him watch this Nike ad featuring the Olympic Canadian mens hockey team. But I’ve never seen this ad and we figure it’s probably because his YouTube viewing behaviour has labelled him a male. Never mind that he doesn’t really like hockey, his demographics clearly does.

What is more annoying is that I get ads like “Meet an Asian woman for free.” Or dating ads featuring Asian women in bikinis. YouTube thinks I’m a lonely man looking to date Asian girls.

You see, I watch K-Pop videos. That’s short for Korean pop music videos. They usually feature Korean girls or guys cheesily dancing to extremely catchy Korean tunes. It’s very entertaining. I lived with a bunch of Koreans in my first year of university and got hooked.

But now YouTube thinks I want to meet Asian girls! For free! This is alarming on many levels. I already meet so many Asian girls for free. I don’t even like all of them. It probably helps that I am an Asian girl. Should I care that YouTube thinks I’m pathetically going to pay girls to meet me? Probably not.

But I do care.

I hate you YouTube ad robot. This is why Amazon gets my money and not you! Amazon correctly recommended that I buy the DVD collection of Downton Abbey and repeatedly emails me deals on Oral-b electronic toothbrushes. I’m so glad that at least one Internet giant doesn’t think I’m some pervert trying to buy dates.


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