Lessons of an Icestorm

icestormIt’s been a stressful few days for the Toronto area. The icestorm has turned my neighbourhood into a scenic Christmas card with icicles forming on every surface imaginable. But what looks pretty is in fact pretty dangerous. I spent the whole night listening to big old trees go “thud” as they hit the ground. Then the power went out for 24 very cold hours.

Then I got really cranky. I slept poorly because my face kept getting cold and because the rest of my family slept even less. My office had power so I went to work just so I could charge my cellphone. I felt crummy and grimy all day because I hadn’t showered.

That is to say, I had it good because some people still don’t have power and it’s only getting colder. Bah humbugs! But bad circumstances have brought out the best in people so I guess it’s not all bad.

It also brought to light our reliance on our devices. There were people lining up at the mall to charge their phones and tablets. TD Bank branch turned into public charging stations as well. Lots of people took to Twitter to yell at their hydro companies as cellphone coverage remained eerily untouched by anything.

Quick: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what three items would you bring?

The answer is: your cellphone, your cellphone charger and maybe a tablet. Because face it, a zombie apocalypse is going to be filled with lots of down time. There will be scary moments of battles with brain-eating zombies BUT there will be many more moments of silence — in which, you will want to stream Orange is the New Black on Netflix.


3 thoughts on “Lessons of an Icestorm

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