Black Friday Finds


I’m so glad us Canadians get to share in the wonders that is Black Friday. Finally, a holiday that let’s us shop shamelessly without having to justify through religious or historical connotations.

I went a little nuts this Black Friday — which seems to last from Black Thursday to Cyber Tuesday. One retailer sent me an email stating “GET READY TO CYBER”. Those of us who remember chat rooms will know that this is horribly inappropriate.

But CYBER I did! Here’s my loot from Black Friday:


Soia & Kyo Carmella Coat  –> This is my big splurge of the year. Soia & Kyo is a Montreal-based company that makes super cozy winter jackets that don’t make you look like a sleeping bag. The hood on this jacket is also large enough to cover all peripheral vision — thereby allowing me to forget it’s actually winter. (Photo credit:


Phillips Wake-Up Light –> I hate mornings. I hate them more than winter. But winter mornings are the worst because it’s cold, dark and you almost always have to go to work. The Phillips Wake-Up Light is an alarm clock that wakes you up with a light that emulates the sunrise — instead of jolting you awake with a horrible Nokia ringtone. Oh wait, no one uses Nokia anymore.


The Royal Physician’s Visit –> I recently watched The Royal Affair and fell in love with the story which is roughly based on this book. See my post on royal reading.


Otterbox Challenger for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 –> This one’s an anniversary/ Christmas gift for my boyfriend. He owns the phone of my dreams: Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I decided I would look ridiculous with a massive phone but he got one and it’s pretty awesome. The Otterbox Challenger is basically the most heavy duty case on the market. Unfortunately, it makes the phone pretty clunky. But real men like some meat on their phone! YEAH! (ok, maybe not)


FitBit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband –> It hasn’t arrived yet but this one is a gift for my dad. It’s a wristband that monitors your exercise and sleep through a phone app. The newest Force model features a OLED screen which you can use to tell time and monitor progress. The light also helps make the wristband look less like jewellery and more like some kind of watch from the future.

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4 thoughts on “Black Friday Finds

  1. Want the light thing. Definitely want the watch, though not for monitoring exercise, just for telling the time. Ended up with a peanut KitKat (it’s a UK chocolate bar. With peanuts). Happy. RH

    • I’m still waiting for the watch to arrive from Amazon. But the I’ve been using the light for a week now and I love it. Makes mornings so, so much better. I mean, they’re still pretty bad but at least they’re bearable. Just a KitKat? We have those too and I find they taste more plasticky every year?

    • Hi Forrest! I’ve been using the light for a week and I have to agree with your friend — it’s awesome. Highly recommend it especially if you’re not a morning person – like. I think it’s a dirty lie that morning people exist. These are just people who can’t remember how amazing it feels to sleep in.

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