500 Things You Didn’t Know About Frankenstein

I want to start by telling you that I drank too much coffee and came up with the title of this post. Because 500 is a ridiculous amount of Frankenstein facts. And who would have time to read them? Such is the magic of coffee: it makes even the most tedious of tasks seem possible.

I picked up a copy of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein and finally read it in prep for Hallowe’en. I realized that I knew nothing about Frankenstein except for the customary green faced monster you so often see on Hallowe’en. Sometimes he has a huge bolt in his neck:


But upon reading the book, I realized lots of discrepancies from popular culture Frankenstein and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein:

1. Frankenstein is the creator of the monster — not the monster itself.frankenstein_humour

2. BUT it’s entirely possible that the creator is in fact the monster as well. (Whaaaaa?)

3. Frankenstein’s monster is an omnivore — possibly vegetarian. Unlike vampires and werewolves, Frankenstein can survive off berries alone.

4. Frankenstein’s monster learned how to speak and read by observing some random family in a cottage for months. AND he was reading classics like Paradise Lost — no Hooked On Phonics necessary.

5. Frankenstein travels to England to learn how to make his monster a wife. Apparently monstrous women can only be created in the British Isles.

6. Frankenstein’s monster is immune to bad weather and can travel great distances by foot. He would make an excellent spokesperson for a winter clothing brand.

7. Frankenstein marries his non blood-related cousin that he always treated like a sister. Weirdo.

8. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a great read even for those who aren’t big fans of classics, like me! While it starts off slow, this is a horrifying tale that will hook you. As we look to improve life through technology today, Shelley’s little novel written in the 1816 still serves a cautionary tale. What monsters are we creating and will they follow us home?

On a side note, I, Frankenstein comes out in January 2014 and features a far less beastly version of the monster:


4 thoughts on “500 Things You Didn’t Know About Frankenstein

  1. I actually ashamed to admit that I’ve never read Frankenstein. I’ve had a copy forever but just haven’t got around to it. I love that he can survive off berries alone. Vegetarians unite!

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