Living the Good Life

Books About Luxury Living

1) The Philosopher Fish ~ Richard Adams Carey
2) The Widow Clicquot ~ Tilar Mazzeo
3) Coco Chanel ~ Justine Picardie

Obama may have recently reminded us the “American Dream” isn’t about McMansions and buying copious amounts of stuff. But dammit, we sure like those things.

Then again, luxuries were never meant for everyone and every day. The whole point of luxury is that it takes time for you to save up for them — and unless you’re incredibly loaded, luxuries are for celebrating the best moments of your life.

I’m reading Tilar Mazzeo’s The Widow Clicquot: The Story of a Champagne Empire and the Woman that Ruled It. I’ve always enjoyed champagne but never understood why the stuff costs so much. I’m learning that a lot of labour goes in a beautifully crafted bottle of bubbly.

Some people may be infuriated with the fact that they can’t afford luxuries all the time. But then, how would we celebrate?

Rolls Royce


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