All Dogs Love Fearlessly


A while back, I blogged about a book called Oogy. It was about a dog who was used as bait for a dog fight and lost a chunk of his face. But the author’s family adopted him and discovered that Oogy is possibly the most resilient puppy to have lived. I mean, Oogy was literally wagging his tail after having half his face mauled off.

Unfortunately, Oogy’s story isn’t exactly rare. Dogfights still take place thanks to horrible people. I read an article today about how one couple’s decision to adopt a pit bull who had lost his sense of smell helped them understand love a little better.

This pit bull, Pippin, had his nose bitten off in a fight. While Pippin is as happy as any well-loved dog can be — he makes demonic snorting noses and has problems telling what is actually edible. Oogy’s post-op problems seemed largely cosmetic but both stories tell us that we can learn an awful lot about ourselves from our pets.

The amazing part of these stories is not that these dogs survived to live happy lives. Dogs are made to be tough. It’s that they were able to trust again after being so horribly betrayed.



One thought on “All Dogs Love Fearlessly

  1. Dogs are like humans that way – with the right amount of love we’ll recover from almost anything. I’m so glad both Oogy and Pippin made it across to the other side of their nightmare-ish experiences. 🙂 #doggylove

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