On Two Years of Broken Penguins

Second Birthday Cake

This month marks the two year blogiversary of Broken Penguins. The title of this blog has drawn a lot of attention. I even received an email from Penguin’s publicity team complimenting me on it. This was a relief because they didn’t sue me.

The Girl in the Picture Book CoverBroken Penguins is named after a sale my university used to hold to get rid of Penguin titles with cracked spines, dented covers and dog-eared page corners. I picked up a copy of Denise Chong’s The Girl in the Picture with a dog-eared front cover and paid a whopping $3.99 for it. It turned out to be one of the best books I read that year. I used the receipt as my bookmark and beside the price, the title was replaced with “BROKEN PENGUIN SALE”.

Some people think Broken Penguins refers to the failure of traditional publishing today. But that’s not the case. If anything, it’s a celebration of the amount of reading that continues to take place whether it’s on paper, on a screen, in an e-reader, between glossy pages or in a comic strip.

It’s that little girl curled up in bed with a flashlight under the cover, that teenage boy on the bus that’s too cool for anything except Nietzsche, the hipster that refuses to sink as low as a Kindle, the old man that donates antique books to his college book sale, that intern that will work in publishing even if it means not getting paid because she can’t see herself not surrounded by books. It’s a celebration of all the broken Penguin books that someone loved enough to break.

Long live reading.

Tattered Penguin Books

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9 thoughts on “On Two Years of Broken Penguins

  1. ‘The Fleet Hall Inheritance’ by Richard Keverne (me neither!). One of the green crime series. We have a lot of the old green and the orange ones – also the blue ‘Pelicans’, all in seriously ‘pre-loved’ condition… RH

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