New Book Fair in Toronto?


There was an article in today’s Toronto Star about a possible new book fair for the city. It would be a three day event likely at the Metro Conference Centre with satellite activities throughout the city. It’s basically a book blogger’s dream.

Mind you, they’re still looking for support from sponsors but Toronto could totally, totally use a mega book fair. Judging by the growing crowds at Word on the Street, we are a city of book lovers. Blame it on our introverted grumpiness, long winters and the fact that Indigo Books at the Manulife Centre is the only store open after 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

My advice for the book fair organizers is to find a way to let readers buy e-books easily at the event. Or maybe look for a way to have books shipped to your home. I love printed books but’s just not fun lugging home 30 of them on the subway. It’s basically a public health hazard if you have a train full of book fair attendees, all averaging around 3 to 30 book purchases.

What are your thoughts? Does Toronto need another book fair? Do you attend book fairs in your city? Do you bring a rolling suitcase?


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2 thoughts on “New Book Fair in Toronto?

  1. I love this idea and I really hope it happens. Like you said – we’re a city of book lovers. I think Word on the Street, IFOA and OLA prove that 🙂

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