Watching World War Z

WWZ_poster WORLD_warz

I caught a matinee showing of World War Z today and I actually really enjoyed it. This was a nail biter that had me on the edge of my seat. The action scenes were incredible and I was impressed by the mass hoards of zombies. My favourite scene was Brad Pitt fleeing Israel. I never stopped freaking out during this movie. It was thrilling to the very end.

Is it true to the book?

WWZ_bradNot exactly. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know how hard it would have been to recreate the world traveling anthology. I’d pick the book over the movie a billion times so ahem, Read it 1st.

Also, the movie changed the origin of the zombie plague in order to appease censors in China. In the book, the disease starts in China but in the movie, the plague starts in — wait for it, Taiwan. Too bad the Chinese censors still rejected it. In short, the movie probably covers 20 pages of the book. This is very much an adaptation.

This wasn’t my favourite zombie movie (28 Days Later was way scarier) but I did appreciate its entertainment value. Brad Pitt is believable as a father figure. The major downfall was the zombies themselves. They seemed to resemble snapping turtles more than the living dead.


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