What happens in Vegas…

GLITTERING_chaosThank you to Jodi from WOW! Women On Writing for sending me a copy of A Glittering Chaos in exchange for an honest review.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless you’ve watched The Hangover. In Lisa de Nikolit’s A Glittering Chaos, what happens in Vegas follows you back to Germany.

A Glittering Chaos is about a German woman named Melusine who accompanies her husband on a business trip to Las Vegas. She finds herself lost in the seediness of the Vegas nightlife. There’s even a bit about her purchasing a big, black dildo — which doesn’t get much use thanks to a handsome stranger.

Now Broken Penguins is all about beautiful pictures but I am not posting a photo of a dildo on this blog. You may call me a prude but you’ll have to look it up on Pinterest if you so need to see one.

The consequences of Melusine’s choices — not to mention her husband’s choices continue to haunt them long after the trip ends. For one, her boring optometrist husbands turns out to be harbouring a number of horrible secrets.

I enjoyed reading A Glittering Chaos but I do wish that the end of the story wasn’t written completely in dialogue. I also missed the husband’s perspective from the second half of the story. He gets pretty twisted but that makes for a good story.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by A Glittering Chaos. It offered lots of interesting characters and plenty of intrigue.

P.S. You can enter to win a copy of A Glittering Chaos at CMash Reads.


Photo credits: stefbeingrandom.tumblr.com

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