In Defence of Ladies


Last year, I bought my father a polo shirt from Brooks Brothers for his birthday and the store has subsequently been sending me gorgeous catalogues, invites and even a handwritten letter from the sales staff that sold me me the shirt.

With service this good, I’ve decided that prep-essentials are best purchased from Brooks Brothers. This comes at a good time because I’m getting too old for Abercrombie & Fitch and their CEO recently came out and said he doesn’t like fat kids.   Will Karl Lagerfeld please insult this guy?

Upon perusing the Brooks Brothers website, I found the most adorable manuals for “ladies”. I think these make for great gifts in a world that sees more Paris Hiltons than Audrey Hepburns. Plus, they look great wrapped up with a cardigan.

What do you think of them? Old-fashioned sexism or just plain cute? Scroll to the end for a hilariously inappropriate video from Little Britain on the delicate subject of ladies.



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