Tina & Farah’s Montreal Weekend Photo Essay

I had the great pleasure of visiting my friend Tina in Montreal. Tina and I have been friends since university and she moved to Montreal last year to work a tres sexy job in the clean energy sector.

Day 1: I get into Montreal after a ridiculously long bus ride from Toronto. Tina takes me to the gorgeous Hotel Nelligan rooftop patio where we dreamt about living in one of these fancy condos in Old Montreal:

Old Montreal

Old Montreal

Day 2: Tina uses her magic powers to get us seats at L’Avenue brunch where they bring us real maple syrup in a can. Why does Quebec eat real maple syrup while the rest of Canada eats Aunt Jemima? I’d take the real stuff any day.


Tina’s brunch at L’Avenue + maple syrup in a can

We spent the after going through super dusty thrift stores on St. Denis. Oh and they never taught us the French word for thrift stores in fourth grade. It’s “les fripperies”. Someone should teach a “Hipster French” class complete with mime workshops.

Unfortunately, les fripperies leads to les allergies so we took an obligatory caffeine break at Flocon Espresso. It smelled SO good here that I wished my room could smell like coffee every day. Maybe I can spray my boyfriend in coffee scented cologne.


Tina enjoys fine dining but when I mentioned that I just really, really, really want to go to St. Hubert’s, she had to oblige. St. Hubert’s makes Swiss Chalet look like garbage. All the classiest people drink cocktails at chain chicken restaurants, I swear:

IMG_0014       IMG_0019

Day 3: We go to the Biodome to watch penguins only to discover that they were more interested in watching us.

We also went up to Montreal Tower which is scarily built on a slant and seemingly held up with wires. Here’s Montreal Tower:


Montreal Biodome & Tower.

Here’s us going up the tower:


Scary ride up Montreal Tower

We also watched the craziest show in the newly built Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. They spent $48 million dollars building this thing! Part one of the show is very artistic while part two is more educational. Unfortunately, lots of people slept through part two. One man was heard snoring while his son was curled up napping.

Here’s how part one starts:


Beginning of Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium Show

After that, you are hurled into asteroids while travelling faster than the speed of light. The best part is that you get watch lying down on giant beanbag chairs.

Day 4: Horrible Greyhound trip back to Toronto.

An overall beautiful weekend in Montreal. Conclusion: Farah should visit Tina more often and every Broken Penguin blog post should feature penguin videos.

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