Writing Advice from Chinese-Canadian Authors


In case you missed it, I attended an amazing event held by CAPE Scholarship featuring Chinese-Canadian authors Jan Wong, Wayson Choy and Vincent Lam.

Along with some pretty sweet swag, we walked away with plenty of writing advice. Bloggers and writers, it’s time to learn from the masters.

Vincent has three kids and practices medicine full time! So he relies heavily on scheduling. He always sets apart chunks of time where he does nothing but write. This is something I need to do so I can keep Broken Penguins in tip top shape.

Wayson made a really interesting comment to justify creative non-fiction. While some would call this “lying”, Wayson says it’s okay to tell a real story with a slant so the reader understands your heart. Does that mean he approves of James Frey’s slightly fibbed memoirs A Million Little Pieces? Wayson’s latest book is called Not Yet and tells a creative non-fiction account of his asthma-heart attack. (Ow?)

Lastly, Jan offered some really eloquent advice. She says, “Don’t stare at your cold, dead laptop. Talk to a warm body to help you write”.

You hear that cold, dead laptop? You’re not helping:

Phillip by Keren Segev (kerensegev)) on 500px.com

Photo credit: Phillip by Keren Segev

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