Life of Pi, the movie

PI_cinemaGoing to the movies is expensive these days. It’s can be over $20 a ticket when you’re going to see something in 3D and even more if you opt for the IMAX experience. Add popcorn, dinner and multiply by 2 and you’re looking at a major investment.

So invest in a really, really good movie and go see Life of Pi. Ang Lee really outdid himself with all the beautiful shots. There are so many scenes will stick with you long after the credits roll. And for you purists, it really does the Yann Martel book justice.

My grumpy boyfriend saw the movie and said it was the best movie he’s seen in a long time. And he’s pretty grumpy. We officially refer to all tigers as “Richard Parker” now.

I’ve also started reading some of Martel’s other books — like Beatrice & Virgil. My friend Z. bought me Life of Pi in high school along with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. She was a huge fan of Martel and read a lot of his books. So almost 8 years later, I am following in her footsteps. Where are you Z.?


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