Broken Penguins Goes on Holiday

A while back, I decided I really want to take a break from work and visit Hong Kong.

Because you only live once.

HKSo when my contract ended at my current job, I decided that this was the year. I leave in a few days, flying a full freakin’ 16 hours from Toronto. My family is from Hong Kong and this will be my fourth trip there so while it’s not an entirely new experience, I’m still super excited. For the first time, I’ll be in town for Chinese New Years which I hear draws mega, mega crowds.

AND my cousin Louis (LOUIS!) will also be in town for the later part of the trip. A couple years back, Louis took me to the best wonton noodle place across from Lane Crawford. If a bowl of noodles has never changed your life, you’ve never been here.

In the next few weeks, I’ll have blog posts scheduled but I’m not entirely sure of the Internet situation. Are there still places that don’t have WiFi? Apparently, our rental apartment doesn’t because it’s been largely uninhabited.

So if you don’t see me respond to your comments, it’s not because I’ve let my fame and misfortune get to my head. And hopefully, I’ll be able to snap some photos and share with you!

P.S. Here is a 43 minute tour of Hong Kong by Jackie Chan. I demand more fight scenes.



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