World War Z gave me nightmares

WORLD_warzSo I finished reading World War Z the other night, turned off the lights and closed my eyes. And then I heard a creak. And then a thump. Another creak. I got up, checked the bathroom and made sure nothing was there. Went back to bed. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I live in a condo building so creaks and thumps at night are common. But you see, I had to check for zombies. And Quislings. And feral children.

World War Z is one scary zombie book. The book starts off by telling you that after the zombie war ends, the world is in a dismal state. The author has been asked to write a UN postwar report but the stories, personal effects have been chopped. So he’s publishing them in his own book so we can learn what really happened. This starts a series of personal stories and interviews with soldiers, civilians and experts around the world.

It makes for a choppy storyline but it’s also magic how author Max Brooks is able to build suspense. Its documentary style and numerous details make this cautionary zombie tale scarily believable. The start-stop-start-stop storyline may drive some people crazy but it makes World War Z easily digestible for those with short attention spans.

WWZ_signIt’s also easy to see how World War Z was made for a movie (trailer!). There’s lots of gory details, plenty of heroes and it genuinely is terrifying. The zombies are hard to kill and completely fearless. Then there are the Quislings — people who have gone nutters and have decided to become faux zombies. And children who have lost their parents become feral living in a state of wilderness. It’s a dangerous world out there.

Perhaps what makes it most believable is that human greed makes a zombie war possible. The fact that we’ve become mindless consuming idiots makes it hard for us to defend ourselves in this zombie invaded future.

After a whole night of tossing and turning, I woke up feeling like sh*t. I looked in the mirror and finally found my zombie. Very clever Brooks.



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8 thoughts on “World War Z gave me nightmares

    • Hi Ross! Yep, I think this was a huge coup for Max Brooks. It’s hard to make zombies creepy since they’re all over TV, movies, comic books. We’ve been desensitized. I wonder if we’ll ever be afraid of vampires again after Twilight.

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