The Hangman Returns in The Dark Monk

DARKMONKWhen I first bought my Kindle, I spent months reading free classics. And then, I finally made my first ebook purchase: The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch.

The Hangman’s Daughter series takes place in an old Bavarian town named Augsburg where the hangman Jakob Kuisl and his daughter Magdelana live. The first book was all about the father-daughter team exonerating the town’s midwife. This is medieval Bavaria where the town demands to see violent torturing of their criminals — especially a midwife that has been named responsible for witchcraft and the killing of innocent babies.


The Hangman’s Daughter was an absolute page-turner. Kuisl’s wise antics and his daughter’s stubbornness makes them very memorable characters. Potzsch also has a knack for creating the atmosphere of Augsburg whether it’s the warm Kuisl living room or mass hysteria throughout the town.

The Dark Monk is the second book in the series and it continues with the same great characters and setting. The story begins with one of the Ausberg priests being murdered in a tomb behind his church. Kuisl soon learns that the tomb houses secrets of the treasures from The Knight’s Templar.

I wasn’t really a fan of the religious overtones in the second book. There was too much running around and I found it hard to keep track of where all the characters were. But it was still a page-turner and there’s plenty of foreshadowing of what’s to come in book three, The Beggar King.


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