Broken Penguins Does Fifty Shades of Grey

FIFTY_shadesofgreyA while back, a friend highly recommended Fifty Shades of Grey. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard about Fifty Shades at least a million times. Perhaps you even read it for yourself.

I can see why there’s been so much hoopla around the book despite it’s horrible, horrible plot and writing. I could devote a whole post on the horrors of the e-mail chains between Anastasia and Christian. Booooring.

But E.L. James pushes the boundaries on the kind of sex that sells — especially the kind of sex that appeals to women.

For too long, it’s been assumed that women don’t want sex for the purposes of “getting off”. We want long-winded relationships, equally long-winded conversations about the future and men who will iron.

FIFTY_shoeSo when E.L. James presents with the idea of not just sex for sex but sex with ropes, whips and a “Red Room of Torture”, those of us who have been watching The Notebook, had to look. And we couldn’t turn away.

I feel that Fifty Shades really confronts this issue head on. Is mind-blowing good sex (whatever its form) enough for women? Are you comfortable keeping a man as your sex monkey or will you forever feel like his?

Fifty Shades unapologetically screams “Women love sex” but in its post-coital haze, it quietly asks for all modern women, “But what about love?”

P.S. See The Atlantic’s “The French Are Not Impressed by ‘Cinquante Nuances De Grey.'” for the most eloquent criticism of Fifty Shades.



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One thought on “Broken Penguins Does Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. I had to read Fifty Shades of Grey just to see what the fuss was about and I can’t say I was a fan. Don’t get me wrong I could see the appeal, but the horrible writing and the e-mails, and Christian Grey himself were just too much. I think your post here brings up a lot of good points. On one hand it’s great that women can just own up to the fact that they love/enjoy sex. But is that enough for this book? It just feels like too much is missing. Whether it’s love or mutual respect or independence. I can’t put my finger on exactly what but definitely something.

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