Meeting Melanie from thirty four flavours

Media Profile Event


Me checking out the cool hipster mason jar centrepieces

I FINALLY got a chance to meet Melanie from thirty four flavours blog. Once in a blue moon, you meet someone that you hit it off with instantly. And since I follow her blog religiously, it almost felt like I had known her for months.

Melanie invited me to the Media Profile Christmas Party at the very hipster-chic The Burroughes venue on Queen West. We spotted Lloyd Robertson in the crowd canoodling with a crowd of young ladies about a quarter of his age. You go Lloyd!

As you may know, the former CTV newscaster recently released his memoirs titled The Kind of Life It’s Been. Melanie and I had to fight off the temptation to ask for a photograph. Instead, I went the super creepy route of taking this very blurry photo of him.

Lloyd Robertson

My blurry photo of Lloyd Robertson

Besides meeting Melanie and bumping into former newscasters, my favourite part of the party was maple syrup-covered cheese. Yeah you heard me. A catering company named Ninutik was there rolling balls of cheese over syrup on plates of snow. So abashedly Canadian and so delicious.

Big thanks to Melanie for the invite — we’ll have to hit up Bannock for brunch when I get back from my holidays 🙂

P.S. You can check out our photo booth photos here.

Ninutik Cheese & Maple Syrup

Ninutik Cheese & Maple Syrup

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