Ontario Book Bloggers Meet-Up Authors & Swag

I mentioned that the Ontario Blog Squad invited guest authors to come chat with us. I thought they were going to speak or do readings but they ended up circulating to speak with all us bloggers.

I met Elizabeth Miles who was nice enough to sign a copy of Envy for me! I also met Susin Neilsen, author of The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen and Maureen McGowan, the rainbow coloured haired author of Deviants.

But I had a really nice chat with Allison Baggio about how stressful it can be for authors to read reviews of their own books and it made me think about my post on writing bad reviews.

Allison is the author of Girl in Shades and In the Body. Embarrassingly enough, I had never heard of her until this event but I definitely want to check out her work.

Probably more embarrassing was the I hadn’t read books from any of the authors attending the event. But I thought this would be a good time to hear all about their books. And sure enough, some of the guest author books showed up in my massive bag of goodies.

What’s that – you see the third book in Lauren DeStefano’s Chemical Garden Trilogy?! Christmas comes early this year!

Fuse ~ Julianna Baggott (Feb 2013)
Etiquette & Espionage ~ Gail Carriger
Envy ~ Elizabeth Miles
Goddess Interrupted ~ Aimee Carter

Who I  Kissed ~ Janet Gurtler
Blue Magic ~ A.M. Dellamonica (Feb 2013)
Sever ~ Lauren DeStefano (Feb 2013)
The Edge of Courage ~ Elaine Levine

The Reluctant Journal of Henry Larson ~ Susin Nielsen
Speechless ~ Hannah Harrington
Starling ~ Lesley Livingston
Out of the Easy ~ Ruta Sepetys (Feb 2013)

dancergirl ~ Carol M. Tanzman
Red Moon ~ Benjamin Percy
Adventure in Time with Finn & Jake Comic


5 thoughts on “Ontario Book Bloggers Meet-Up Authors & Swag

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