New Fall TV Shows

As much as I enjoyed watching all the weird Olympic sports, I was relieved to see it end. Because this means the return of good old scripted television sitcoms. Last year, I eagerly anticipated The Playboy Club (yes, really) and Pan Am only to be horribly disappointed. I got through half of an episode of both shows before flipping back to old favourites.

Here are some of the shows I’m stoked for this season. Fingers crossed that they’ll be way better than last year’s Pan Am.

The Mindy Project

Finally, Kelly Kapoor from The Office gets her own TV show. Mindy Kaling who stars in The Mindy Project is also a co-producer for her new show. She was also one of the producers for The Office. Those of us who sadly watched The Office implode after Steve Carrell left will likely turn to The Mindy Project for a fix of embarrassingly awkward comedy.

The Mindy Project is about a 30-something year old doctor named Mindy trying to find the love of her life. And I think Andy Bernard is one of the love interests?!?! Sounds hilarious already.

Airs on September 25, 2012, Tuesdays 9:30 p.m. ET, Citytv.

666 Park Avenue

I don’t know a whole lot about 666 Park Avenue but it looks like a couple moves into a swanky Manhattan condo only to discover it’s haunted. It probably won’t be too scary because it’s playing on prime time television. I think it’d be really awesome to see the supernatural coupled with a gorgeous cast, fabulous outfits and soap drama. It strangely reminds me of a more glamourous Charmed.

Airs on September 30, 2012, 10 p.m. ET, Citytv.


How do you sex up an old stodgy classic like Sherlock Holmes? You add legs.

Sherlock is a recovering drug addict and Watson, played by Lucy Liu, is sent to be his keeper. I think we’ll all be counting the episodes till Watson sleeps with Sherlock. That weird tension alone may make the show worth watching.

I should mention that I was completely hooked on The Killing last year and I need a new crime drama to replace it. Something about The Killing just felt so fresh because it didn’t have all the slick American special effects we’re used to seeing from shows like CSI. The Killing was about good old detective work and hopefully Elementary will be too.

Airs on September 27, 2012, Thursdays 10 p.m. ET, GlobalTV.

Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell starring Gordon Ramsay has already began airing. While the show is nothing new, it will satisfy those of us who enjoying watching Ramsay yell at seemingly incompetent business owners. Instead of restaurants, Ramsay is hitting up family-run inns who are struggling to keep their business afloat. Ramsay yells at them, embarrasses them and gives them loads of free stuff to save their business. Oh and he manages to play family counsellor too.

The show is over dramatic to say the least but it feels so good when you want to turn off your brain.

Airs Mondays 8 p.m. ET, GlobalTV.

What shows are you looking forward to?


2 thoughts on “New Fall TV Shows

  1. I have a confession to make, I am addicted to netflix and now I can’t watch regular TV. i am hoping that some time next year these shows will be available where I can binge watch an entire season in 2 days. I just started watching Jericho and I love it!! Before that was Leverage, the Rich’s, The walking Dead,.. it just doesn’t end.. one amazing series after another, and you don’t have to wait until next week to watch the next episode!!

    I am off to watch more TV – love your blog!!

    • Hi Vitania! Everyone keeps telling me about Netflix! I have to check it out. I binge watched Desperate Housewives, The Killing and Downton Abbey. Glad I’m not the only one. I like the feeling of getting completely immersed in that world. Thanks for dropping by!

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