“It’s like the hottest book ever”

I was at a friend’s 26th birthday party playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. It was a kids-birthday-party themed birthday. And as I tied the necktie we were using as a blindfold onto the birthday girl, I asked if she had read Fifty Shades of Grey yet – because I hadn’t.

Slurring from too many tequila shots, she said “You have to read it. It’s like the hottest book ever.” And then I spun her.

For the benefit of this blog, let’s call my friend J.

J. was a serial dater if I ever knew one. After a decade of being in relationships ranging from dull to turbulent to plane crash, J. is single.

I want to say she’s happily single but I don’t really know what that means. As in, the state of happiness probably shouldn’t be connected to your state of connectedness to a significant other.

Instead, J. showed me exactly what made her happy at that very moment: drinking tequila, reading Fifty Shades of Grey and blindly pinning a tail on yet another donkey.

Happy Birthday J.


One thought on ““It’s like the hottest book ever”

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