Topless in New York

I apologize again for the lack up updates but once again, I have a valid excuse. I’ve been doing many o’ interesting things so I have something to blog about!

Last week, I made a pilgrimage to my personal Mecca, aka SoHo, in New York City. What happens in New York stays in New York — unless you buy it. I spotted a few things that you book lovers (and foodies) will like there:

I spotted a man with a Granta book bag after getting lost outside of my friend’s swanky gym, Crunch. Granta is a student-run magazine at Cambridge University that published new authors once upon a time. Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath were both published there.

I recently picked up a copy of Summer at Tiffany about one woman’s dream job as a Tiffany’s sales girl in 1945 at their flagship location. Not exactly my dream job — I’d rather be buying Tiffany but she does get to meet celebs and look at pretty shiny things all day.

At the MoMa gift shop, I found the Kill Time notebook. There are pages full of pictures that encourage doodling. I bought it for my friend with ADHD and told her to quit her job.

An old friend from a previous life let me crash on her couch for the whole trip. And she also took me to Casa Mono, a spanish tapas restaurant where we proceeded to try sweetbreads. Casa Mono is a Mario Batali restaurant. Batali is, of course, an Iron Chef!

My friend Mimi who works in health care wasn’t thrilled to be dining on lymph nodes but we agreed it tasted like oyster. While we were dining, I saw a woman walk by topless – but that didn’t stop her from wearing a sun hat, sunglasses and a pearl necklace (save your dirty jokes). When in New York…

What’s even stranger is that I discovered Mario Batali wrote a Spanish cookbook with Gwyneth Paltrow. Judging by her blog, Goop, I thought she just drizzled truffle oil on everything.

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