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I was recently approached by an journalist named Jennifer Miller who has written for The New York Times, Marie Claire and Fast Company. Now, she has also written a novel called The Year of the Gadfly which will be released on May 8th, 2012 — stay tuned for the review. She got me thinking about the many journalists turned book writers that I really enjoy reading.

It’s just a theory but perhaps it’s because journalists are so good at telling the truth, even their lies, in the form of fiction, can be incredibly believable. In the case of non-fiction, journalists have to be regularly tapped into what the human mind wants to know and needs to hear. They also manage to enrage us while meeting deadlines.

But that’s just a theory. Maybe they just write well. Side note: I found an interesting article about how writing journalism is different from writing a book.

Here are some of my recent reads by journalists turned writers:



Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik (The New Yorker)
Small Town Sinners by Melissa Walker (ELLEgirl, Seventeen)
The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman (Associated Press)
Malled by Caitlin Kelly (New York Times)
Missing Children by Lynn Crosbie (Globe and Mail, Toronto Life)

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4 thoughts on “Journalists & Writers

  1. What did you think of Small Town Sinners? I read it a few months ago when I pickd it up at the Borders going out of business sale. I like Melissa Walker’s writing for “I Heart Daily” and enjoy the finds she shares on Twitter, as well. Wasn’t my favorite book but it was enjoyable enough.

  2. I’m honored! I LOVED The Imperfectionists and (yes really) even wrote Tom a fan letter which he graciously and promptly responded to. I tell everyone I know to read that book. I didn’t love the Gopnik book, but you’ve put Malled into very august and bestselling company.

    • I loved the Imperfectionists too! It’s one of those books where you don’t want it to end. It’s good to know Tom Rachman responds to fan mail. That’s what I should do more – write to authors and tell them how much I liked their book. I included Malled in this list because it shows how emotional facts can be – and I really enjoyed it.

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