Tex-Mex Cooking Adventures

So a few nine months ago, I moved out of my parent’s place to be closer to work. I’m also 25, so it’s high time I moved out. One of my family’s main concerns was that I’d starve to death because I can just barely make Kraft Dinner.

For my Asian family, this is a reason I should live with them forever. For many of my white friends, this is was a big reason why they got kicked out their parent’s basement.

But it’s been NINE MONTHS and I haven’t starved yet (YAY!). And I owe a lot of this to blogs. Good old recipe blogs.

And for some reason, all my favourite recipe blogs are based in the Southern US. Budget Bytes is based in Louisiana and Munchin’ with Munchkin is in Dallas. There is very little Southern food in Toronto and even less Mexican food (unless you count the taco and buritto chains) so Tex-Mex dishes are a real treat for me.

Tex-Mex happens to be really cheap, easy and relatively healthy thanks to its heavy reliance on beans. AND it’s delicious. At least, I think it’s delicious. I have no idea how these recipes are supposed to taste.

The only problem is when these Southern bloggers use fancy ingredients that I’d have to drive three days to find. On a trip to Florida last year, my boyfriend made a KILLER lasagna with Mexican Chorizo from Walmart. We have yet to find it in Toronto anywhere.

Here are some of my favourite Tex-Mex / Southern inspired recipes:

Guacamole Salad (Budget Bytes)
Tropical Breakfast Quinoa (Munchin with Munchkin)
Guacamole (Simple Recipes)
Mexican Chicken Breast (Spark Recipes)
Quinoa and Black Beans (All Recipes)
Chilled Quinoa Salad (Daniella Marie)
Summer Chicken & Vegetable Soup (Whole Foods)

Oh, and I’ve wanted to try Paula Deen’s hoecakes forever. Yes, they really are called hoecakes.

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