Why you should read The Hunger Games

In my recent Read it 1st post, I wrote that once I’ve watched the movie, I’m usually not interested in reading the book. But I did the opposite with The Hunger Games because well, the movie made me hungry for more.

So while you made not have read The Hunger Games first, I suggest that you read it next. Even those of you who were not big fans of the movie should consider reading the book.

Here’s why (movie spoiler alert!):

  • Katniss Everdeen is so much more kick-ass in the book. She’s not nearly as sexy as movie Katniss – she is a starving teenager, after all – but she’s 10X stronger, smarter, better (work it, over).

  • You learn much more about Rue. I saw the movie with my cousin who concluded that he didn’t care so much when Rue dies partly because he nothing about her. The book covers off who Rue is and why her death is a bigger tragedy to Katniss compared to all the other deaths.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen

  • The book tells you much more about the history of The Hunger Games. The creation is darker than the movie portrays. In fact, there’s a much more sinister element to the authorities running the Capitol that the movie doesn’t explain so well.

  • It’s gorey. The movie had to be kept PG-13 so the young’uns could see it in theatres but the book doesn’t hold back. After all, kids are ruthless without having to fight to the death.
  • The book explains sponsors. I had no idea what exactly the sponsors did during the movie. I kept waiting for them to parachute in a bottle of Coca-Cola or a Hewlett-Packard Printer.
  • Peeta is not nearly as useless. The movie reduced Peeta to sad, wounded and weak. The book shows that Peeta is more brains than brawns but he has what Katniss doesn’t: charisma.

  • There’s already a second and third book. That’s right. The movie leaves you hanging but the books keep going! And that was my biggest motivation to read it.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Despite the many comparisons to Lord of the Flies and Battle Royale, I liked the back story behind The Hunger Games more. And I love the character of Katniss. I also full out cried when Rue died but I cry through a lot of movies.

Just a word of warning though – Hunger Games makes up for some really horrible writing with an awesome story. But the writing is horrendous – worst than Harry Potter. Once you get past this, you will enjoy the story.

I’ve already started the second book and I’m happy to report that the story is possibly, even better than the first.

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Cast of Hunger Games


10 thoughts on “Why you should read The Hunger Games

  1. I’m so glad you read the book after seeing the movie! I’ve been trying to convince people to do that. There is so much more character development in the book, and I think the background of the story is really important. Catching Fire was my favorite in the trilogy btw 🙂

  2. I agree that The Hunger Games as a book is worth a look even if you have seen the movie; it has a lot more explanation that really opens the world and adds a bit more depth to the story. If there’s one thing Collins did well, it was to create a good story with a believable setting. The movie, though, did a fantastic job of visually bringing this world to life; the scenes in the Capitol are particularly stunning. But just like the book, it suffers from a lack of subtlety.

  3. I liked how the movie showed some new angles, where the book was mainly Katniss’ view. I definitely prefer Hunger Games over Battle Royale, I never was able to sit through that movie. Are you on the 3rd book yet? I think that’s my least favourite, a bit too rushed for me.

    • I really liked Battle Royale! But I’m a fan of the Hollywood big-budget movie so Hunger Games had much more of that “wow-factor”. I recently finished the third book and I was sooooo dissapointed with the ending. I almost wish I never read it! And yes, it was very rushed.

  4. I like that you agree that Suzanne Collins is a horrible writer. But I will have to disagree that the plot was so amazing. Everyone seems to praise this book to the skys but I honestly don’t see it. There was a girl at my old, public schools who thought this was the best piece of literature she had ever read. I have respect for you that you recognize the butchering of literature that The Hunger Games is.

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