You know you’re a Kindle user when…

Sure, you’ve heard that e-readers are lightweight, cut down on paper and save money in the long-run. But the longer I use my Kindle, the more I begin to appreciate the little benefits it brings.

You know you’re a Kindle user when…

1. You feel that you’re betraying your Kindle by buying an IPad.

2. You gleefully convert paperbook lovers into Kindle owners.

3. You spend more money on your Kindle case than on your Kindle.

4. You get a rush flipping through your Kindle book collection.

5. You’ve downloaded too many books to read in a lifetime.

6. You become well-versed in the classics whenever you’re broke.

7. You tell people that you’re 38 per cent through The Hunger Games.

8. You have Calibre and love it.

9. You can list three authors who were rejected by publishers and went on to make a million on Kindle.

10. Your idea of a romantic gift is a Kindle with Lady Chatterly’s Lover preloaded on it.

11. You let people think that you’re well-read just because you have a Kindle.

12. You purposely read naughty and embarrassing novels in public.

13. After realizing it will be a LONG wait at the walk-in clinic, you think “Good thing I have three Russian novels on hand. We could be here for months.”

14. You have something to add to this list…


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