Oogy: The dog everyone will love

Okay kids, you probably won’t remember this but back in my day, Oprah had a TV show! And one time, she told us about this incredible dog named Oogy.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin is a true story about a rescued bait dog who was found in a police raid with a chunk of his face gone. Placed in a ring as “bait” for illegal dog fights, Oogy had one of his ears bitten off. His friendly demeanour during extreme pain pays off because the animal hospital takes pity and after hours of surgery, saves his life. The Levins who have two adopted sons decide to adopt the one-eared Oogy too. Together, they live happily ever after.

Well kind of.

Oogy has to endure a couple more surgeries in his life. He gets stung by his electric fence and he never does catch that darn squirrel. But don’t let my sarcasm mislead you – Oogy is an incredible dog that I fell in love with as soon as I saw the cover. Levin is a lawyer by trade and at times, the writing shows. He likes to list off details where you really want him to talk about emotions.

This story shows us that happy-go-lucky attitudes pay off even when the world treats you terribly. And with a little help from the right people, you can bounce back. Oogy also raises awareness about the terrifying world of dogfighting (links to the Human Society of Canada website).

This is a mega-spoiler but the Levins later discover that Oogy is not a pit bull (as suspected originally), but a Dogo Argentino. Here’s what Oogy looks like compared to other Dogos:

Photo credits: fidofriendly.comoliveandcocoa.com

9 thoughts on “Oogy: The dog everyone will love

  1. Hmm, he still looks like a pitbull to me, so do the other dogo argentinos, hehe.

    At first, I thought the dog was making a frumpy face, as if it were the cover of a humor book; but the story is certainly touching, and I just might check it out.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • I think they said that Dogos are much larger than pit bulls but they’re less aggressive because they use them to hunt in packs in Argentina. The cover does look like Oogy is just making a goofy face! I wonder if he cares that he looks different? Do dogs get insecure?

      • Hmm, that’s a really good question. I suppose it would depend on if other dogs treated him differently, you know? Like they can see that he’s hurt and see him as weak.

        That’s usually how wolves behave, but I’m not sure if dogs do it too.

        Thanks for the clarification about Dogos! I learn something new every time I’m blog-surfing. 🙂

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  5. I really doubt that any of these game bred fighting dogs are used as bait dogs. I have always heard that the “bait dog” theory is more of an urban myth than anything, and dogmen would never use their game bred fighting dogs as “bait dogs” They would sell the Pits that don’t measure up as fighters. I think this is juat another attempt to elicit sympathy from folks and to make the”poor Pittie Poos look so pitiful people will feel sorry for them and donate money to the various rescues so the rescue owners can pay their car payments and house payments for the next several months. These dogs have been fighting dogs, pure and simple…do they
    have any proof, and I mean verifiable proof, such as video of one of these dogs being used as bait dogs? If they do they most likely made the Video themselves.. so now based on a lie from Pro Pit Bull there will be millions for them to make with profits off books, clothing, toys all centered around OOgy the bait dog who was never a bait dog, but a fighting dog. What a shameful scam. I would say it would be a harmless entertaining story and a good read for kids, but in all likelihood, it is going to lead to more kids being killed by Pit Bulls.

    • Hi Gail. Thanks for weighing in. Oogy is actually a Dogo Argentino — but perhaps you don’t buy that either. It is equally cruel in my mind to raise a bait dog or a fighting dog. You can argue that these dogs are dangerous in neighbourhoods (I can’t, I just don’t know) but these are animals that weren’t given a choice.

      Oogy isn’t a pity pittie story at all. Call him a fighting dog if you want because this a dog that fought all odds to live a happy life.

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