Five Things I Learned From Book Blogging

Today is the sixth month anniversary for Broken Penguins! Six months ago, I wrote my first Broken Penguins review for The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas. It’s been a great journey and I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Here are the five things I learned from book blogging:

1. The best books are the hardest to review.
There’s nothing like putting down a fantastic 400-page novel and then trying to review it in under 300 words. How do you distill all the amazing parts into one interesting review that doesn’t give away all the most important plot lines?

2. The more free books I get, the more I buy.
Book bloggers may tell you that they get free books but they probably don’t tell you that they’re buying so many more books too. The more you blog, the more you read other blogs and the more you want to buy more books. I think publishers who give you free books know this.

3. Book bloggers love young adult fiction.
There are probably thousands of young adult fiction blogs. They’re usually quick and easy to read so it makes it easy to blog about several books a week. Young adult fiction has also come a long way and there are young adult novels for every genre. The common thread? Covers with white girls in pretty dresses. I’ve been guilty of using these photos on my blog but it’s getting hard to tell the books apart:


4. Readers love Kobo Vox.
My most popular blog posts are about Kobo Vox Reader Perks and the Kobo Vox backlight. I noticed so many readers searching for “Kobo Vox backlight” that I wrote a whole other post just about the backlight.

Other popular posts:

5. WordPress doesn’t let you do much.

Don’t get me wrong, WordPress is very easy to use. But it seems like anything fancier than text, images and links doesn’t work on WordPress. That Goodreads Challenge widget? It doesn’t work. An Amazon carousel? Doesn’t work. Unless I get this puppy self-hosted, I won’t be able to get all the bells and whistles on WordPress. Guess I’ll have to get use to minimalism.

What have you learned from blogging?

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4 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned From Book Blogging

  1. I have learnt how difficult it is to blog every day. I have now given myself Sunday as a day I don’t blog. I think I have also missed the odd day here and there.

    • Blogging takes a lot of time so writing a post every day is a very ambitious goal! I’m so proud of you for blogging six times a week.

      I try to blog as often as I can but I’m not the most efficient blogger. I’ll often write more than one draft of a post, spend hours searching for the best photos and sometimes, I decide not to publish it at all. I have quite a few unpublished posts.

  2. Ah WordPress… I had a hard time getting used to not having all the bells and whistles that blogger has. But I do prefer its cleaner dashboard and ease of use.

    • I agree! The WordPress dashboard is a work of art. I also appreciate that WordPress limits the bells and whistles when I visit blogs that have waaay too many of them! I may self-host one day but for now, I’ll work with what WordPress allows. Do you still have a Blogger site?

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