New & Hot February Reads

Publishers must know that people like to hibernate and read in February. After all, it’s cold outside, Christmas debt is barely paid off and there’s nothing cozier than reading a good book next to the fireplace. It’s no wonder that publishers are saving their best books for February.

Here are a few February releases I’m looking forward to:

Here’s a really short, sweet and blantantly over-simplified summary of these titles:

Me and You
has major, major buzz over in Italy, the author’s home country and all over Europe. The Darlings is a fictional account of a family caught in a whirlwind trial for insider trading. It’s You’re Money, Honey gives sound financial advice to women in words that won’t bore you – if comes from the ladies behind GoldenGirlFinance. Fever is the 2nd book in DeStefano’s thrilling Chemical Garden Trilogy. The Starboard Sea is about a private school rich kid harbouring a deep, dark secret.


6 thoughts on “New & Hot February Reads

      • I am always worried with new YA dystopian books because it seems like there are so many new ones coming out and some seem like they were written more to take advantage of a fad, then they were because of the author’s inspiration.

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