Beautiful Book Sighting: The World of Downton Abbey

If you haven’t seen the British TV show, Downtown Abbey, you must go out immediately and find it. It’s a beautifully done and takes place in an English country home just before WWI. This is the world of rich aristocrats and housemaids. And if you’ve already seen the show, then you’re probably waiting for the next season to come out on DVD.

Unless you’re in the UK, in which, you are watching the second season on TV. And I’m very jealous of you.

Downton Abbey is also the most expensive show made in the UK so every shot is just beautiful. It comes as no surprise that the niece to the creator of the show published “The World of Downton Abbey” in the meantime.

I’ve leafed through the book and have asked for it for Christmas. But here’s a glimpse of some of the amazing photos in the book.

Front and Back Cover:

Photos from the show:

Photos from behind the scenes

There’s are ebook version for colour readers and a text only version for us e-ink readers. But I really think you need this one printed in full colour.

Photo credits:


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