Coveting: Propaganda Posters

Remember those old WWII propaganda posters in the history textbooks? Nothing highlights the hysterical mindset better than those government funded posters. The propaganda poster I remember most has nothing to do with war. Canada used to put posters up in Western Europe to recruit immigrants. They would glue apples to evergreen trees and photograph them to convince potential settlers that Canada was just swimming in fruit.

Of course, settlers would arrive just in time to realize that Canada had no fruit bearing evergreens. And they’d have no choice but to fend for themselves through the coldest winter of their lives. We still lie to our immigrants to a certain degree (about jobs) but no one believes we have fruit bearing evergreens anymore.

Check out Just One Scarf’s propaganda posters for the nerdy. All prints available thru Etsy!

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2 thoughts on “Coveting: Propaganda Posters

    • Thanks Christa! I love the Android one too! I once saw an Android ad at a bus stop. They had stuck Androids decals all over the bus shelter so that they looked like they were waiting for the bus. It said “Android is coming”. Loved it.

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