Library Finds: Malled & Paris to the Moon

Did I ever mention that I love my library? Here’s a couple of books that I had on my wish list, only to discover my library across the street had them. And they were just sitting on a shelf waiting to be picked up – no holds, nothing!

Is there an event for Library Finds? I’d like to start it. Let me know if you decide to blog about your library finds – think of it as a way to publicly support our public libraries.

Here’s what I picked up:

Malled: My Unintentional Career in Retail

The author Caitlin Kelly chronicles her journey of reporter turned retail worker during the recession. Oh wait, sorry – THIS recession. My first jobs were in retail (mostly footwear) and I really enjoyed them. Except the hours were awful, the managers didn’t care and the customers were abusive. Sometimes, I even got paid. Still though, they were fun jobs.

Here’s what Bonnie Brooks, the long-winded president and CEO of The Bay had to say about the book:

“Caitlin Kelly’s glimpse into the world of retail provides it is one of the most challenging careers, but can also be one of the most rewarding – as every moment of every day provides a new experience and an opportunity to engage in an action that can bring a positive outcome which can actually enrich your own life more than can be imagined.”

In other (fewer) words, retail is hard work. But you get satisfaction by helping people buy stuff until they feel happy. And you get discounts. Once, I helped a man buy shoes for his wedding – TWO hours before his wedding. One of my proudest achievements of my career to date!

I look forward to seeing what Kelly has to add to these thoughts.

I also picked up, Adam Gopnik’s Paris to the Moon. I had only recently heard about Gopnik, a regular contributer to the New Yorker, from a Globe and Mail article. Gopnik was offered an awesome gig to go to Paris for five years and write the “Paris Journals” for the New Yorker. Perhaps Caitlin Kelly should have asked him for advice before security tagging clothing till her fingers bled.

The byproduct of this assignment is Paris to the Moon – Gopnik’s previously unpublished journal entries. I have no doubts there will be plenty of gushings about how beautiful the city, how care-free the French and how snobby the waiters. But how will he do it?


6 thoughts on “Library Finds: Malled & Paris to the Moon

  1. Paris to the Moon is one of my faves. If you enjoy it, make sure to pick up Inside the Children’s Gate, which chronicles the Gopnik family’s return to NYC after their years of living in France. Like your blog!

    • I’m more than half way thru it! And there are parts I LOVE and there are parts that I almost skipped over. Let’s just say that I’m glad Gopnik is not a sports journalist! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll add it to the list along with his newest book about food.

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