Dr. Brian Goldman’s The Night Shift

I blogged about TEDxToronto a while back and mentioned an inspirational speech by Dr. Brian Goldman. After what seemed like an eternity, TEDxToronto finally posted the talk so you can watch it here:


Dr. Brian Goldman is the author of The Night Shift which talks about his experiences as an emergency doctor at Mount Sinai. I’ve had the privilege and misery of taking a friend to the Mount Sinai ER waiting room. I saw some pretty gruesome stuff and tension certainly runs high for everyone.

Goldman talks about how doctors should be able to talk about their mistakes. That is, at least with each other. That way, they can actually learn from their mistakes. The problem is, no one EVER wants to hear about doctors making mistakes. Doctors themselves, are terrified to even bring it up. Goldman says that it’s happened to every doctor.


Photo credits: web-photo-gallery.blogspot.com


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