Book Blogger Meet-Up

On Saturday, I attended my first ever book blogger meet-up! I always knew that the book blogger community was a small tight-knit group but I didn’t know how welcoming they were too.

I met a number of amazing ladies who come from a wide variety of day jobs but all come together to moonlight as book bloggers. Check out some of their blogs:

Michele @ Just A Lil’ Lost
Christa @ Hooked on Books
Jen @ Lost in the Library
Gwenyth @ Rants N Scribbles

(I met many more but don’t remember URLS!)

Big thanks to the Ontario Blog Squad for holding the awesome event and for sprinkling us with GOODIES! There’s only one that book bloggers like more than books – free advance copies. I am now in possession of Alone in the Classroom by Elizabeth Hay (which I was going to buy) and Dead Simple by Peter James (which I had never heard of till now). I received some others too but you’ll hear about those later!

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