The Scariest Books I Ever Read

It’s almost Hallowe’en and nothing beats scaring children. I mean, nothing beats giving children candy. And then scaring them. But it’s also really fun to scare yourself. So here are the scariest books I have ever read.

Out – Natsuo Kirino

A group of Japanese women who work the night shift at a company that packages pre-made lunch boxes ban together when a fellow co-worker murders her husband. They rid of the body using all the cutting techniques learned from slicing sashimi. And it’s described in scary, gruesome detail. I couldn’t stop reading it.

This is no slasher novel though. It’s a dark look into the world of criminals in Japan and what living pay cheque to pay cheque really means. (If you’re lucky enough to not be doing the same).

Dracula – Bram Stoker

When they re-released the Exorcist movies a few years back they put the scariest scenes back in because the movie-goer has seen so many scary special effects, you need more to scare them. The scariest scenes were originally removed because viewers had heart attacks.

Dracula has stood the test of the time and remain one of the creepiest, eeriest novels of all time. If anything, the mysterious Victorian era setting makes Dracula even scarier. Done with Dracula? Pick up The Historian for an equally dark modern follow-up.

Columbine – Dave Cullen

There’s nothing scarier than a villain that could be living in your neighbourhood and going to school with your kids. Columbine covers what really happened during the school shooting with commentary from students who were there and investigators.

What’s scariest is not what those shooters did. We already knew that part of the story. No, what’s scariest is how inaccurately the media covered this story.

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