Reading Scandinavia

It’s exactly FIVE more days till my trip to Iceland!

I am really stoked to go to Iceland. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Well, some really strange things too but mostly good! People keep asking me “why Iceland”? But from what I hear, tourism is booming for Iceland ever since its economy tanked. We originally wanted to do Germany but the price of going to Iceland wooed us on its own. Add the prospect of volcanoes, waterfalls, puffins (unbroken), fjords… and really, there was no question on my mind.

I may have nudged my friend a little bit.

But if you’re travelling Scandanavia, you’ve got to read it too right? I love doing that. Two major crime writers come to mind: Jo Nesbo (Norwegian) and Arnaldur Indridason (Icelandic). Indridason is apparently an Icelandic favourite. His murder mysteries are based in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland which apparently, rarely ever sees crime, never mind murder. His novel Jar City, has even been made into a creepy movie.

Nesbo bases his crime novels around a detective named Harry Hole. <— Read that one again.
Yes, you read right. I can hear you giggling! I’m sampling both Nesbo and Indridason before I decide which one to DL and take on my epic Saga to Iceland.

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